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Skema's Commitment to Society

Skema also recognizes the fact that a firm's responsibilities are not limited to the needs of its clients, employees and shareholders, but also to the greater needs of the community and environment.

With this in mind, Skema has assisted in the general upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities through the sponsorship of sports development programs, such as rugby, cricket, tennis, netball, swimming, weightlifting and basketball.

Skema is also actively involved in many other environmental community projects, such as the planting of indigenous trees and fruit trees within previously disadvantaged local communities.


Skema's commitment to protecting the environment goes a lot further than just planting trees, and the firm has thus already undergone a preliminary audit in order to acquire an ISO 14000 Environmental Standards listing.

Skema is presently working towards this goal since it has always recognized its responsibilities to the environment, and acquiring an ISO 14000 listing helps to achieve the company's long-standing corporate and environmental policies.

Our Quality Commitment


The key element to our success is to  focus on our quality.
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Our Social Responsibility


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