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Manufactured from graded steel, Skema produces the axles used on mobile trash carts, wheelie bins, waste bins or mulltonnen. Skema is the world's major supplier of axles, with Skema's modern production facilities running around the clock to ensure that the demands of the market are met.


Skema manufactures its own bright mild steel for the manufacture of its axles, and uses only graded steel (in fact, all Skema products are manufactured from graded materials only). High-quality and high volumes are achieved through the use of CNC machines. The Axles are then protected against corrosion by means of electro-galvanising, bundled and colour-coded to customer specification and palatized for shipping - all of which is done in-house.


However, it is not just the state-of the-art manufacturing facilities that have made Skema the leading supplier of Waste Bin Axles, but also the firm's handling of the entire logistics function. For example, Skema's warehousing facilities in Antwerp, Belgium enable lead times to be reduced to a matter of days within Europe.

Our Quality Commitment


The key element to our success is to  focus on our quality.
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Axle Products


The world's largest supplier of of Waste Bin Axles.
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Friction Rock Stabilisers


Our new friction rock stabilisers are now attracting the world.
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Our Social Responsibility


We recognize the greater needs of the community...
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