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The Advantages

Compare the advantages of the Friction Rock Stabiliser system over any other ground support system.

  Immediate full length anchor rock reinforcement Can be used in any excavation geometry Axial and radial support
  Instant full load-bearing capacity Not prone to tensile failure Minimal stress concentration
  Excellent yielding characteristics Simple design If bearing plate knocked off, support is maintained
  Individually marked for full traceability Simple installation procedure Available in black or hot dip galvanised steel
  When rock displaces, forces increase Made to customer specifications Millions of successful installations worldwide
  No ancillary equipment required Can inspect visually One international standard
  Accommodates large ground movements Unlimited shelf life Experienced technical assistance
    No pressurising or mixing Insensitive to blast variations
    No torquing or retorquing  
    High tolerance to variations in bore hole diameter  
    Loads rock in compression  

  Friction Rock Stabilisers Resin Bolts Conventional Bolts Mechanical Shell Resin Combo
1. Drill Drill Drill Drill
2. Drive Insert Resin Insert Bolt Insert Resin
3. Inspect Visually Insert Bolt Tighten Insert Bolt
4.   Spin Check Torque Tighten
5.   Pressure Retorque as required Torque
6.   Hold    

Skema's Total Quality Commitment


ISO 1461 Quality Management System

Robotic welding rings


Certified graded material only

Certified calibrated in-house destructive product testing


In-house tube manufacturing


Our Quality Commitment


The key element to our success is to  focus on our quality.
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The world's largest supplier of of Waste Bin Axles.
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Friction Rock Stabilisers


Our new friction rock stabilisers are now attracting the world.
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Our Social Responsibility


We recognize the greater needs of the community...
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